Updated Report: Current Human Rights Issues in the East Turkestan

2018-يىلى 24-ماي


  1. Freedom of Expression 
  2. Restrictions on Religious Activities
  3. ‘‘Bilingual Education’’ Policy
  4. Effects of Counter-terrorism Law and Anti-Extremism Regulations
  5. Recall of Uyghur Students Abroad
  6. Re-Education Centers in the East Turkestan (XUAR)
  7. Travel Restrictions
  8. Mass Collection of DNA 
  9. Forced Labor and Transfer of Young Uyghur Women to Mainland China 
  10. Ethnic and Linguistic Assimilation Policies
  11. Imprisonment of Students and Intellectuals
  12. Health Care and Nuclear Testing


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ئەسكەرتىش: ئۇيغۇر تەتقىقاتى ئىنستىتۇتى تور بېتىدىكى ماقالىلەرنى مەنبەسىنى ئەسكەرتمەستىن باشقا ھەرقانداق يەرگە كۆچۈرۈپ چاپلاشقا بولمايدۇ.

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