1. We will investigate and analyze the policies of various governments, international organizations and non-government organizations, influential individual’s political responses to the issues of East Turkistan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Tibet. We will act as a catalyst for informed debate by providing regular online podcast interviews.

2. prepare and send monthly brief report about situation of East Turkistan to various government’s foreign affairs offices around the world and try to arrange closed door meeting with their diplomats. Welcome China researchers, international relations researchers, China and Central Asian Specialists and political strategists around the world who care about East Turkistan Issues, publish OPEDs and policy papers in our website.

3. Consulting various Uyghur organizations and help them to improve their overall performance and promote co-operation between different Uyghur groups around the world. URI do this by organizing political-strategic workshops, seminars, conflict resolution workshops, and lectures by inviting Uyghur organization leaders and influential individuals and preparing annual working strategy recommendation reports in Uyghur language to these organizations.

4. URI will liaise with other ethnic group elites in East Turkistan diaspora, facilitate unification of all different ethnic elites of East Turkistan; Welcome all different ethnic elites in East Turkistan regularly publish opinion pieces, articles and audio-video lectures, speeches and interviews in Uyghur language (including Chinese language but not limited to)  to strengthen civic liberal nationalism by promoting not only ethnic Uyghur human rights but also human rights of all other nations in East Turkistan.

5. URI educates Uyghur youth on relevant subjects to develop a more professional and well-trained human resource base for worldwide pro-East Turkistan and pro-Uighur democracy movement.