The Uyghur Research Institute (URI) was founded on April 2018 by a group of Uyghur academics and experts. URI is legally registered in Canada and has a main office in Turkey. It is a non profit and independent organization with the vision of being the most qualified and trusted think tank in leading the Uyghur nation and diaspora to finding the best solutions for their survival. As well it deals with the Uyghur political crisis with China, in order to promote a free, open, democratic, and peaceful society. The mission of the URI is to investigate the religion, language, culture, tradition as well as the political, social, and economic structures of Uyghurs and other nations and ethnic communities that have relations with Uyghurs or East Turkistan. In addition, URI seeks to promote the better understanding of other governments, and governmental and nongovernmental organizations on East Turkistan issues.