Genocide in East Turkistan (updated in October 2020)


1.This report’s factual findings are based on the Testimonials of Hundreds of Uyghur civilians. Testimonials are defined as a sufficient and reliable body of primary information consistent with first hand and second hand witness reports, which would allow an ordinarily prudent person to reasonably conclude that an incident or pattern of conduct occurred.

2. A vast amount of primary information was collected. The information is comprised of 135 testimonials from direct and indirect victims, both specifically and randomly selected. In order to ascertain the credibility and reliability of the information, it was corroborated by secondary information including from China’s state media, expert interviews and information distributed in social media.

3. Information was collected in Turkey, where the majority of Uyghur refugees have fled since 2015 when the Chinese government intensified its persecution of Uyghurs. Information was also collected online and on the phone with those from the Uyghur and Kazak diaspora worldwide.

The report strictly adheres to the principles of independence, impartiality and objectivity. It sought consent from sources on the use of information, ensuring confidentiality as appropriate. Specific attention was paid to the protection of victims and witnesses, considering their well-founded fear of reprisals. For their security, the Uyghur Research Institute has changed the name of the interviewee unless there is consent to use their real name.

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